Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies


A Toastmaster /Master of Ceremonies is instantly recognised by everyone at any event, whether organiser, venue staff or the guests.

His actions will be observed by everyone present and he will often be the first person in a position of authority seen by guests arriving at an event.

Standing smartly, speaking politely, announcing succinctly and displaying gentle authority are all hallmarks of a professional Toastmaster/MC.

He can provide essential advice on such matters as the entry of the senior figures; Grace; the Loyal Toast; informal Toasts; the ideal position for speeches; the lighting of Speakers; the use of microphones and lectern; the introduction of the chosen cabaret; band; auction, raffle etc.

All these matters will help organisers, venue managers, and everyone taking an active part to have complete confidence in the Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies.

The presence of a confident and professional Toastmaster/Master of Ceremonies can make the difference between a hugely successful event or utter chaos. This will be noticed and appreciated by the majority attending any event.

So what makes a great Toastmaster/MC?

In short, good liaison skills; effective communication; accessibility; approachability; courtesy and diplomacy.


Colin MacGregor, a Member of the National Association of Toastmasters, Britain’s leading Toastmaster Association, has over four decades of experience in etiquette and protocol for Wedding receptions; Royal events; Banquets; Balls; Dinner Dances; Conferences; Fashion Shows; Sporting events; Exhibitions; Burns Nights etc.

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